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The European Data Market Study, Prepared by the European Commission, it quantifies the total impact of the Data Economy on the total Spanish economy at more than 36,700 million euros, representing 3% of our Country's GDP. That same study forecasts a growth of the Spanish Data Economy to practically 50,000 million euros in 2025 (4% ​​GDP)  and 67,000 million euros in 2030 (5.2% GDP)
Given this opportunity at the European level, the European Commission has defined the European Data Strategy, with the aim of creating a European Digital Single Market based on data, through the creation of a governance framework that provides security in data sharing; the reinforcement of capacities and infrastructures in Europe for the storage and management of data; the training of people and companies, as well as the creation of common European data spaces (Common European Data Spaces) in strategic sectors and in areas of public interest.
“Our society is generating a great wave of public and industrial data, which will transform the way we produce, consume and live. I want European companies and our large number of SMEs to access that data and create value for Europeans, and this includes developing AI applications. Europe has what it takes to lead the big data race and maintain its technological sovereignty, industrial leadership and economic competitiveness for the benefit of European consumers."

(Source: Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market. Presentation of the European Commission's strategies in relationship with data and artificial intelligence (02/19/2020))

In this context, CTIC works, on the one hand, with companies and entities helping them in their digital transformation processes to become data-driven organizations. On the other hand, CTIC applies its knowledge and experience in interoperability, advanced architectures and W3C digital identification standards, verifiable credentials and linked data, to the development of data spaces, the cornerstone of the deployment of the Strategy. European Data.


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